Enabling your chat-based financial services

Boost Platform enables loans and financial services through smartphones, on customer-friendly, sustainable terms

At Boost, we’ve created the technology to offer financial services through smartphones, cheaper and easier. Partners using Boost technology can now onboard loan, saving, credit card, and insurance applications digitally - clients love it because the tech is 100x faster than traditional financial services with no need to download an app! Boost has already engaged with over 1 million financial service customers, and over 50,000 students have engaged with our newly launched chat-based financial education.

Rapidly enable digital financial services country-wide

Boost enables your clients to apply for loans, savings, credit cards, and insurance digitally from anywhere and outside of normal business hours! Because our tech stack is light & easy to integrate, we can launch with new partners in 2-3 weeks!

Validated low risk clients

Boost enables both collateralized and uncollateralized loans, for clients with both salary income or business income. Our tech powers loans for our registered finance partners across the small business spectrum, from $25 – $40,000.

Lower cost structure

Boost uses innovative chat and video based technology to onboard financial service clients from their smartphone – this scalable tech lower your operating costs while increasing your customer satisfaction.

Clients love the convenience and speed!

Super convenient! 100% of customers prefer the convenience of submitting their application digitally to allow them to apply for financial services or engage with financial education from their home or workplace at any time.

Fast reply! Clients say that Boost enabled digital loans are 100x faster than traditional… since they can receive a preliminary decision in 5 minutes and receive a loan or open a savings account in 1-2 hours instead of the days required with traditional service providers.

What Clients Say

Clients love digital loans powered by boost tech

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"Applying for a digital loan was convenient, I chatted on my smartphone from my home and it was fast service - I found out I was getting a loan only 4 hours after I started the application!"
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"I took out a digital loan to build my architecture company.

We needed working capital. I applied online and my loan was sent to me via e-money"
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"This loan has helped me solve so many of my business’ issues.

I used the loan to buy more stock and a lot of new products for my grocery store. It’s so convenient!"

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